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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 22, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it employs more than 1300 people who earn an average wage of $45 an hour. today at nine, meet some of the drug sniffing dogs looking for work now that recreational marijuana is becoming legal in california. we introduce you to numb to artists who lost everything in the north bay fires and working to rebuild now. advertisers idea and the holiday cocktail with christmas celebrations right around the corner. welcome to the nine on this day, that kicks off a long holiday weekend for many. this time tomorrow union square in san francisco will be mass. fun things we're doing in the city and we're taking the bart. i will not fight for a parking spot. a lot of people will - - it's fun right? >> you are in that fine tuning
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holiday shopping mode and i have been asking everyone i know, the christmas that you celebrate at home is it similar to the one you celebrated at as a child, as far as how many hits, food traditions ? >> i would say so. absolutely. >> we were young, my family my mom and grandmother and aunts, eight - - on christmas eve and - - i had don't know if we will make it next - - this year. a warm feeling, not too many gifts. it's so nice, they are in texas but i wish they were here. >> we eat the same kind of food, mole, whatever, family is important. >> same, we do a lot of mole, we don't have a lot of presents, that was more cultural than financial. but i see myself now doing the exact same for my children but i could give you more but i
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don't.>> we appreciate what we got more. i see that trickle down as we become the next generation. >> people are on the road today. uni grew up here. we did not have to travel. christmas travel is about trying to get away for the holidays. and watching the roads to help travelers get there safely. monitoring the traffic, right around interstate 80. 680. >> aaa warns that today is a bad day for travel on the road but looking at 680 northbound and southbound, it doesn't look that bad. we saw an officer come over checked in on us because we were close to the highway, to make sure we were safe. we have seen chp officers already. you are advised by aaa to get on the road early or wait until just after the morning rush hour because they expect the
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traffic to get much worse by this afternoon. today, will match yesterday is the busiest travel day for the christmas holiday season. check out evening rush hour at the bay bridge on thursday. brace yourself for our repeat again tonight. heavy holiday travel will happen as soon as people get off work. this morning in walnut creek, commuters were surprised that rush-hour was not as bad as they expected but they worry that it will get worse as the day goes on. lighters today. >> yes. >> with my kids, i avoided. hopefully make it. >> we can't stress enough to remain. - - patient and vigilant. over the thanksgiving holiday, chp said 76 people were killed in car crashes across the state.
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tonight, the maximum enforcement patrols begin at 6 pm. we are seeing some officers out there on 680 this morning. traffic is looking pretty good to us both northbound in south out right now. you are advised if you do want to avoid traffic altogether, aaa expect it to get worse later this afternoon. wait until christmas day if you can to do your holiday travel to go see parents, grandparents because a lot less people are expected to be on the road on christmas day. that's your best day to travel if you want to avoid the other drivers on the road. today is the busiest travel days at the airport. today oakland international expecting to see 7% increase from last year. with 750,000 people passing through the airport from now until january 1. oakland is not alone. airports across the bay area
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expecting huge crowds, 6.4 million americans are expect did across the country this holiday season. it's expected to be the busiest on the record. tsa said it is prepared for the season adding 1400 more officers to work at the 50 busiest airports. they are using overtime and at showers for part-time agents to serve the positions. they are using more canine teams to speed up the security lines. moving through can become - - confusing but there's an apple map feature, that will guide you through airport terminals. it will help you go through security checkpoints, check in desk at baggage claim. if you're looking for somewhere to eat, it lists the closest restaurants to your gates and gates around you. the updates are operational and 35 airports nationwide. officials lifted most of the evacuation orders as a result
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of the thomas fire. it drove someone hundred thousand people from their homes. right now it's 65% contained. just the remote valleys are under evacuation orders. it grew to be the second in the history burning 405 miles. it has become the largest fire ever. the wildfire is responsible for 2 deaths and instruction of 750 homes. it started with grace and her san luis obispo family pulling the monies to raise $112,000. it went to the family gathering money to an online effort and they have raised $8000 for the wildland firefighter foundation santa fund. she was inspired to raise the money after hearing about the firefighter corey iversen who died battling the fires in southern california. we're going to give this
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money to the people who lost their daddy in the fire. >> they distribute the money towards the firefighters children that are injured and who have lost their lives or firefighters experiencing some hardship and can't make christmas come together for their families. her father was also a firefighter for the thomas fire. officials say all the temporary overhead power lines will be restored today. construction crews have installed 226 poles and 155 transformers in the santa rosa neighborhood that lost 100 - - 1000 homes during the tubbs fire on october 9. e.g. and e crews are building overhead power lines in the northwest spring state and areas where power will be back on after the new year. 10 homes are suing the major
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insurance and financial company. the accused usaa of fraud and underestimating the amount of coverage the families need to rebuild homes. the policyholder say the software and the us companies to culturally cover systematically underestimated replacement cost as a result the homeowner say they were underinsured and unprotected. usaa recently said its goal is to provide the appropriate amount of insurance neither under or over insuring. the holidays are a joyous time and celebrations, for thousands of people who lost their homes this holiday season, the season is a difficult one. they told ktvu julie haener, despite the devastation, heading to the new year, they are grateful to be alive. the soft trickle of soda creek's upcoming reminder of how things used to be.>> i
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love it here. >> that is the fireplace. >> napa valley artist edmund grant and christie renee are trying to get their lives back on track after the firestorm destroyed their home. >> it was so beautiful. we built it to show the art. >> i woke up every day and say i love my house and i love it here. >> along with the two-story dream villain and extensive art collection, their life's work displayed throughout the home was also reduced to ash. >> every day i had a conversation with the paintings. they were not going anywhere. they are were all in here. and you know, that's all gone. what are you going to do? >> they have shown their paintings and sculptures around the world. in places such as london, paris and new york. it was here in napa valley that they created the personal and intimate studio to share their prized collections with art
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lovers. >> it's a complete death. it's hard to deal with. >> this is your dream. >> it's 6 years to build. it's all in there. now the as they struggle to move forward and navigate through the insurance red tape, they are trying not to focus on what was lost, but rather what was saved. >> after a total loss and devastation. >> we are alive. we are blessed to be alive. we have a dog and our cat. >> it's hard to look at. >> when you paint, you think that will influence the way - -
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>> i think there will be a lot of moments like, a lot of anger at first i would think. a lot of aggressiveness. >> this is it. >> the couple moved into a temporary apartment, home base for now. they set up a makeshift studio to create new pieces of art. >> this is an image that i did for the festival. >> a painting that took two days to create. >> this is pretty much what i do. i apply it and go for it. it takes a life of its own. i have a direction i want to head. >> grant and renee save such laws and devastation are like experiencing a death and rebirth at the same time. even though their patents changed dramatically, they are heading to the new year with renewed spirit, vision and stronger sense of what's really important.>> how beautiful
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many people has been to us and the spirit of the community was remarkable. >> that was julie haner reporting. we just received some good news, the online platform known as artsy just announced that he will be featuring some of his work. >> good luck to both of them in so many people that were affected. as we come up to the holidays people think that it can be gifts and stuff in rich food that it's about family. we also enjoy the other things. the question of the day, what makes you the happiest ring the holiday season ? is 5% said spending time with family. 11%, 11 having and receiving guess. 4% say you like shopping and finding deals. 20%, you don't like the holidays. the lights on the christmas trees and christmas songs. i find the shopping and get having frustrating. let's just
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spend time together. john says the time from work and hanging out with family. >> raymond says drinking on christmas eve with family. watching kids open gifts. christmas tradition. that works for him. >> what works for you, let us know, response to the question of the day online and tweet us using hashtag ktvu the nine. coming up, that side effects of the legalization of recreational marijuana. meet some of the drug dogs that are now out of work. the investigation now underway in the search for the suspect to the arsonists.
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authorities are looking into a series of suspicious fires. it started last night within minutes of each other and - - one of the buildings has burned three times this year.
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christian is in antioch after talking to a man who runs the business. that man very frustrated. this is the third time the business acacia cremation services has burned. you can see the business has been destroyed here. there has been too suspicious fires one in june and one out october, it prompt them to move locations and last night's fire, the funeral director tells me he is frustrated. how in the world does this keep happening in antioch and i was outraged this morning when i saw the news reports, i am hearing that after telling the news the other day that they are doing everything they can, the fire department is now starting an arson investigation with the chain of fires. i am outraged up until now nothing has been done. >> neighbors shot cell phone videos of the latest round of fires. one sent a video, quote another
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fire and eighth street." a series of fires going back months and accelerating in case. crews responded to the first call for 10:00 and on the way to the fired in the neighborhood , a few blocks away right now, calls about additional fires in all, six separate fires, three homes, two other buildings and a crematorium all burned. all the buildings were abandoned and that might the the reason why nobody was injured. all the fires started within minutes of one another and five or six block radius. officials are looking for whoever may be responsible for the fires. we have no reports of injuries at this time. we have investigators looking into the causes. we do believe all the fires are likely set fires. we are investigating them as arsons. neighbors say this is the latest in a series of fires.
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this week there were none to fires that were suspicious, one in a dumpster. another fire at a church. neighbors are very frustrated. investigators looking to see how the fires may be connected and who may be responsible. legal recreation of marijuana goes on sale in california on january 1. the change in the loss are putting some drugs sniffing police out of work. they have to retire their narcotic dogs. the only thing this former narcotics detection dog is getting his paws on these days are scooby snacks.>> we have seen some changes in the law that requires marijuana. hank is one of the ones trained. prop 64 past making the
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recreational use of marijuana legal.>> with his training being in marijuana we felt like we could use him the same way prior to the change. because hank is trying to pick up other drugs including heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana. which could be a liability for probable cause and search warrants. if the detectives need the dog to sniff an item, a car, garage to help with the cost together church warrant and they are looking for one of the other drugs, if your dog is trained on that than that is good probable cause to assist with the search warrant. hank alerts detectives if he smells marijuana so this could mislead police into thinking they have probable cause. he said it's unfortunate because he still have a lot of police life in him and were recalled the time 2 years ago when he recovered a lot of money buried in the ground. >> they were able to seize
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$300,000 in cash. hank was part of the search. this specific dealer was burying the cash in the yards. departments across california could end up having to retire dogs early because of prop 64. >> they are facing the issue and they have to make a determination how they are going to deal with it. in appreciation, they had a potluck for him thursday afternoon. >> there were some dog each treats, barbecued hamburgers for the staff and little something from everybody. we hope you join us on christmas day when we air the half hour special that breaks down what you need to know about the new marijuana laws that will go into effect. we will bring it to you on ktvu plus monday evening starting at seven. a rescue that led to a discovery of $53 million worth of cocaine. the coast guard just got back
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to the home base in key west from a two-month drug troll on sunday and they shared this amazing video. the crew noticed large debris floating in the water november 19 and they sent out a small boat to investigate and they found a large sea turtle entangled in 1800 pounds of cocaine off the coast of central america. they were able to free the turtle and they say it appeared to be fine when it swam away. we will follow up on what we brought you yesterday. a move that put boulders near homeless encampment. we will bring your actions. and the controversy over the change. the president signed the first major legislative achievement as congress plans to - - passes a plan that avoids government shutdown.
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90 minutes ago, president trump signed the law the landmark tax
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reform bill. he said the $1.5 trillion measure will cut the taxes of most americans and create more jobs. the tax overhaul consider the first major legislative achievement for resident trump and republicans since president trump took office in january. democrats say the reform bill only helps the rich and big corporations at the expense of middle and lower income families . congress passed another stopgap spending measure to avert a government shutdown. enough democrats joined gop lawmakers to push the bill through last night. otherwise most federal agencies would have run out of funding and shutdown tonight at midnight. the temporary spending bill provides short-term funding the chip rent which provides almost 9 million low income children with medical care. also adds money for the pentagon and veterans. last night san francisco chinese community held a vigil for late mayor ed lee in chinatown square.
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>> it was allowed thank you in cantonese from the crowd. organizers say this was an opportunity for the many chinese immigrants and senior citizens whom the mayor helped in his decades of service to celebrate his life and legacy. he was a role model. he was a friend and he was a mentor and as a young attorney, coming up and trying to do right the community. in his quiet and humble way, he was able to bring the city together to focus on the issue at and not on the politics. people at the vigil said they were their hearts are heavy but their spirits are lifted by his legacy of hope and community activism. the mayor will be buried here in the bay area not seattle where he was born and where his mother still lives. they plan on baring his ashes at the cyprus lawn memorial
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park in - - family released a statement thanking everyone for their support saying thank you so much to everyone who reached out and condolences, or memories and the shoulder of support. it's a been one of the most difficult times of our lives and your flowers, cards and tributes, prayers and donations have meant so much to us. you will find video from his celebration of life and i look back at the late mayor's career in politics. scroll down to the deadly section in the homepage. users are not happy. the lawsuits the company is lacing - - facing. the rules being broken that could result in some rental owners losing permits and some guests being fined.
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♪[music] ♪ welcome back. for once i know i am well below average for once, usually is the case, the average american spends $983 on gifts for the holiday season. a lot of that spent here in the gorges union square with the tree shining bright. well below average. at least for me. if i go over the $50 mark, - - yeah. >> everybody ? >> we keep it super lean. in our house. to me it's not the gift, it's about the others - - other favorite things. what is the best part of the holidays for you? 6 to 4% saying spending time with family. 11% giving and receiving gifts, 4% you love shopping and great deals. you don't really like the holidays. what do you have a spot as - -
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as far as favorite responses. >> spending time with family. >> food. traditional food. turkey to to malice - - tamales. >> it's about family, togetherness. i have a response i want to share not the typical holiday response but i will read it because it means so much, gail is a very frequent tweeter, she tweeted spanning time with family but she adds this one is going to be a very hard one for me, the first christmas since i lost my son to suicide last june. i am so lost without him. not everyone is extra happy and jolly. gail, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. i know people are keeping in their thoughts mayor ed lee's family. we are thankful you shared that with us.
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>> it will be dry and freezing cold. >> bundle up and get out and enjoy the new bike whatever it is that you have under the holiday treat. we are looking at this drive pattern to continue. giving a live look across the estuary where i don't need to tell you it was cold this morning. temperatures still quite chilly although the advisory has expired. we will remain with the school pattern at least through the morning and in afternoon it gets better. 35 degrees right now in santa rosa, it's above freezing. fairfield, livermore and close to the water and low 40s around oakland, 44 san francisco. these numbers are 15 degrees colder than yesterday. what a difference a day makes. cloudy - - partly cloudy to mostly sunny. mid-fifties in san rafael, upper 50s look oakland. chemistry upper 50s.
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- - san jose, upper 50s. : afternoon, temperatures will moderate a bit in the holiday monday and tuesday getting into the low to mid 60s but it will be some rain not seeing that in the next several days. what's your favorite holiday tradition ? >> it would have to be tamales. >> i can learn from the two of you. >> hyundai my house and assembly line. >> thank you, rosemary. >> people are beginning the christmas weekend and people hit the road last night to beat the traffic. it starts tonight at 6 pm, aaa predicts this is the ninth straight year that holiday travel will be up. plenty of cars already on the road as a busy travel season kicks off aaa says 107
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americans are expected to hit the roads rails and airports. a new record. the vast majority will be driving and the winter storm is threatening this - - from rockies to the texas and east to maine. weather can be unpredictable and we want drivers to be prepared to drive in whatever condition they wake up to. >> we will try and get a bit early and head back. it's crowded across the country and long lines. from new york to los angeles. some passengers getting to the airport was a challenge while others were shocked by the wait times when they got inside.>> there's a ton of traffic getting into the shuttle to get here with a bunch of traffic. we don't usually have that. >> you think 1000 people in line question mark >> traveling could be
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stressful. so we had staff and to make sure that we can get people through the security checkpoints. >> if you are one of the american sitting in the roadway you are in luck for the first time post hurricane, as prices are down and the national average is 2.45 per gallon. they are probably heading up here. for more headlines, let's go to david clark>> today, the deadline to sign up for health insurance and undercover california, the original deadline was last friday and that was extended because of the surge in demand. or than 220,000 new people signed up since open enrollment began about 10% more this time last year. you have until midnight to sign up for health coverage that begins january 1. 8.8 million americans enrolled in health coverage through
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that is a federal government marketplace during that enrollment, that ended december 15, it's slightly less than last year. the trump administration cut spending on advertising by 90% and cut the enrollment. by half. demand continues for the affordable insurance. the richmond police sergeant accused of firing his gun in a san francisco hotel last sunday is due in court. sergeant philip sanchez facing felony charges including assault with a firearm and shooting into an and habited dwelling. police arrested him at the four seasons hotel. they responded to reports of shots fired and no one was hurt. his lawyer said the sergeant had a mental health episode. police searching for a man who stabbed another man last night at a restaurant. just before 630 last night police rushed to lola's market on - - avenue, it has a
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restaurant inside. police say this man you see on surveillance video got up from where he was sitting in the restaurant, walked over to the table where another man was sitting and stabbed him in the neck. police said the two men did not speak to each other and the police don't know of a motive. the stabbing suspect ran away. the victim was taken to the hospital with a life- threatening injury. take a look at this image. if you have any information call santa rosa police. those are some of the morning headlines, christina, i will send it back to you. yesterday we reported a new at idea in san francisco. to discourage homeless people to set up camp there. rob ross reports on the controversy of the program. here along cesar chavez and potrero avenue underneath the highway 101 overpass, san francisco's public works department installed dozens of
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folders. they are scattered about three different caltrans owned open spaces areas until recently were makeshift campgrounds to dozens of homeless people. >> it would be more difficult to carry the stuff they are carrying before. also it will not give them a large footprint. >> the cost of the folders $8700. >> we spent that much in a week just doing the cleanup because of health hazard and safety. the boulders is a waste of people's money. >> this man says he has been homeless for 2 years after they put in the boulders he moved across the street. he said long-term they are not enough to keep the homeless people from moving back. >> this is not what they should put their effort in. they should put into helping people. so they don't have to sleep out here it. under the freeway.
9:38 am
open up more homes. advocates say this is not the way to solve a complex problem. >> folks will be tucked away in the different parts of the area under the freeway. it's less safe and it's closer to the street where they can get hit by the car. they are not sure if the new landscape will deter homeless camps and boulders cover fraction of the stays - - of the spaces. >> we are trying it out to see what happens and you find out what works and what doesn't and you make adjustment. if it doesn't work it doesn't work. >> this is the only area of san francisco where they are thinking of trying this program out. a quarter of golden gate park is now named after robin williams. they approved renaming sharon meadow after the comedian. he was a big supporter of the annual free comedy. the park. it's been held in the past 20
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years. when the city announced a plan mayor ed lee said it was sitting to name the field after williams because he brought so much life into the world. sounds like tahoe is cutting down on disruptive homes and renters who are not neighborly. the city can revoke permits if a rental property receives three citations within 24 months. there are 1400 rental properties in south lake tahoe. so far the city issued 40 notification letters to vacation homes that have one or two citations. the citation also carries a $1000 fine for both the property owner and the guest. the broken rules include loud noises, trash and too many occupants. you have to respect the neighborhood. the locals and there's - - appreciate - - >> it's not the new sense of being loud, people don't want you to act like - - you can throw your trash everywhere you
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want that's not how it is. enforcement officers had been hired to deal solely with renters. apple admitted it deliberately slow down older iphones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. yesterday, two owners in los angeles found at - - filed a lawsuit said - - that said they did not allow them to slow down die for us. it is possible to buy new batteries for older iphones for $79. if you have some christmas shopping to do, a few stores will be open around the clock for last-minute shoppers. coles will stay open for 24 hours until 6 pm on christmas eve, toys "r" us will stay open around the clock until 9 pm on christmas eve. tomorrow is expected to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. national retail federation says about 126 million people are
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going to be out shopping. ahead of monday's big christmas game between the warriors and the cavaliers, the nba is whining about fake tickets. they are urging fans to buy tickets directly from the team or the official ticket vendor ticketmaster. 17 people with counterfeit tickets were denied access into the arena against the memphis grizzlies. the warriors a fans risk spreading or spending a lot of money and getting scammed if they go to an unverified third- party ticket poker. coming up, a military wife whose husband was deployed has been carrying around a cardboard pad of him so he can take part in holiday photos. her shock when the cardboard cutout came to life early this week. we are cooking up some appetizers and axing up cocktails as you prepare for the activities for the weekend.
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welcome back. yesterday, we baked up some sugar cookies and peppermint brownies. so good. today we are talking appetizers and cocktails. let's send it over to who is with the chef. i am here with - - thanks for being with us. holiday is a good - - my skills as an entertainer are lacking because they are two different things. i find myself stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun. tell me about a cocktail that conserve many. this is a delicious easy cocktail. delicious, easy and impressive.
9:45 am
one part bourbon, two parts apple cider, and a little bit of fresh lemon juice. you serve it on the rocks.>> and then - - we have been serving it all season so it's so good. >> it has a spiced feeling to it already.>> i will show you - - >> it's warm and very nice. let's talk about the food because food is where i get tripped up. i wanted fresh from the oven but i don't want to be working. >> these are easy orders. it's and dive with cheese honey, it's super easy, you put the -
9:46 am
- toasted almonds and garnish. >> there's different textures, sweet and salty. and i've? >> i think you can choose. >> and endive is less pretentious. i understand. a little bit more substantial that goes way beyond this dip we see on every table, this is a pretty presentation, i one quick i. a fancy party, people don't want to be embarrassed. i like that endive because it is gluten-free and it's artie ends starchy. we take the baguette, all of oil and toasted. these are nice and golden. we top it with the tarragon mustard sauce. mayonnaise, dijon mustard and fresh tarragon. we have a slice of new york state.
9:47 am
and baby arugula. >> give me a tiny baby piece. do you have an overall tip on people trying to throw a holiday party for which they are not working themselves.>> keep your menu simple. that means three or four items. if you want an odor party, you can delegate, - - if you want an odor party, you can delegate. >> i emailed recipes, make this. >> take a minute to mix what and who is good at what delegated keep it simple, you can get cheese and crackers and fresh fruit and prosciutto. >> it is amazing what you can find that's nice this days. for lunch we had some cracked crab, they clean it for you. it is so easy. it's in season, it's not so one expensive and delicious. and choose quality things.
9:48 am
>> just a little bite. why don't i tell her viewers they can find the recipes from hugh groman catering, in her clay. groman i will take this back to sal and christina so they can have it. >> two more cocktails for them as well. we will work on that will be right back. this will be my - -
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hors d'oeuvres
9:51 am
there's a new santa bringing joy to children. where's - - >> merry christmas. >> it's the time of the year where we all like to see santa. >> merry christmas. >> here in fairyland in oakland it's no different. children flock around the man in the red suit. >> santa. >> it's all worthwhile. i do this every day all year round. >> when he is in dress, he looks more like this, eric martin is in his first full year of santa, a role that use to belong to ron zeno.
9:52 am
for 18 years, he was that much loved black santa. earlier this year he died. and martin took his place. >> it's a blessing. it's an honor - - it's to honor ron. in a wonderful way. >> although he is the new black santa.>> i had to stop and shed a tear because it hit me the power of santa claus. >> he sees things a little differently. for him it's to bring a races and backgrounds together. >> a different perspective that santa is not all one way and one color. >> martin said he looks to those who don't focus on his skin but for the message in the power that santa brings.>> he's just santa. i have never seen a black santa or an asian santa or spanish santa. it's a special role. >> he takes pride in for nine days. he dons the red suit as we found out getting into it is not an easy task.
9:53 am
are 10, i mean santa amount needs a little help. once he's dressed and ready, that's when the real magic happens. >> they are sitting there. i don't know. three or 4 years old. are you real? >> i am real. >> [ laughter ] it was so cute. >> although he gets to play this once a year, the smiles and joys he gets to see his worth it. >> come down at children fairyland in oakland between five and seven every day until saturday. we want to see your holiday photos, please share them with us on our facebook page, hashtag ktvu on twitter and possibly see your picture on christmas morning right here. you can see them before then next to julie russell, sent us this photo she tweeted me all our grandkids at the tilden
9:54 am
park merry-go-round. a gorgeous photo. i love the little ones. not so sure about santa. a great time of year, the carousel is decked out in light. >> today is the annual toy giveaway in san jose. it started yesterday with thousands of family picking out new toys and books. the gifts will be given out to 6200 children and all the family signed up for the giveaway early this month. organizers are still accepting donations because as of last night, they were about 1500 toys short. in addition to handing out toys, organizers are holding a raffle to give away bicycles. our annual warm coat collection drive is going on right now. you can donate a code, sweater or winter items at other - - at drop off locations. we were set up at bay street in emeryville and at one creek on
9:55 am
ice. you can donate clothing in at the participating ups and big tire stores. no brad the north american aerospace space command tracks santa every year. they have been doing it for the past 62 years. they have a website and an app. the features and new app that allows you to follow. this will be a difficult christmas. >> this is my husband. i take him everywhere. he thinks he's missing but he's not because he's right here with me. >> for the last six months, maria clark has been - - her husband has been the deployed in afghanistan so he she has been carrying a large card out - - cut out of him. this week she went to a light show and brought terrance with her and little she know, the
9:56 am
real terrance is there hiding in the shed. the next picture she took with a cardboard cutout, terrance was right behind her photo bombing the picture. >> you spent a lot of time together and then you are gone. i wanted to do something for her that would be a big deal to her. something that would be really memorable. she takes the second look at the picture and does a double take wait a minute, what's going on, yes, he's here the love of her life. she did not expect him until next month. they are spending the two weeks together and really the best christmas ever. that is what christmas is about that and really good food. >> he made extra drinks for the two of you. as we head off to the holiday weekend. thank you for being with us at the nine and christina will be back at noon. we enjoyed having you here.
9:57 am
he's not here so cheers to you and the two of you. happy holidays. we will see you back here at the noon newscast. have a great day. it's good. i love and good new york strip. very good.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> announcer: live from "the wendy williams show" now, here's... wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wendy: you're the one that makes this show, thanks so much for watching. say hi to marco my cohosts


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